How to Recognize the Common Signs of Stroke

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How to Identify the Warning Signs of Stroke in Barrie, Ontario

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked, and it affects various parts of the body. Once a stroke occurs, prompt medical attention can minimize long-term damage to the brain. Since every second counts, you should be aware of the following common signs of stroke. 

Look at Your Loved One’s Face 

During a stroke, a person often loses muscle control on one side of the body, most notably on the face. Look at your loved one carefully to determine if one side of the face is drooping. You may also see a lopsided smile that signifies single-sided weakness of the muscles. 

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Ask Your Loved One to Raise His or Her Arms 

In the event of a stroke, muscle weakness extends from the face to the arms. Be concerned if your loved one mentions his or her arms are tingling or numb. Ask your loved one to raise both arms out to the side. If one arm droops down or is difficult to raise, it could be a sign of a stroke. 

Listen to Your Loved One’s Speech 

During and immediately after a stroke, your loved one may have difficulty speaking. Speech-related issues may include an inability to form the proper sounds to make words. Alternatively, your loved one may be unable to put together a complete sentence. The speech patterns associated with a stroke also include slurring, and your loved one may sound inebriated when trying to talk. 

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Assess Your Loved One’s Gait 

Strokes also impair the ability to walk properly. Your loved one may experience a loss of control over one or both legs. As your loved one walks, watch for signs of impairment such as dragging one leg behind or stumbling while walking over flat ground. Encourage your loved one to avoid walking if you suspect a stroke is immediately occurring. 

Inquire About Your Loved One’s Vision 

Improper blood flow to the brain also impacts the ability to see properly. Ask your loved one if he or she can see clearly out of each eye. While many seniors have vision issues, you should worry if your loved one has new or unusual symptoms such as suddenly not being able to see out of one eye. 

Put Together the Whole Picture 

Women in particular may experience symptoms of a stroke that are immediately recognized. Many people feel tired as a result of the reduced blood flow to the brain, or hallucinations may occur if the stroke affects certain regions. Behavioral changes such as confusion or sudden anger may also signify a stroke is happening. Always take the signs of a stroke seriously, and act fast to get your loved one help. Even if the symptoms turn out to be caused by something else, being cautious can prevent long-term damage to your loved one’s health.

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