Barrie Stroke Care for Seniors During Recovery

When an aging loved one experiences a stroke, the thing most families long for is to see the senior return to the safety and comfort of home. While a noble goal, this task is not always an easy one to realize. The complex nature of stroke recovery means many seniors need a higher level of support throughout recovery. Assistance with bathing, dressing, and ambulation are common, and many seniors need help remembering to take new medications or keeping up with medical and physical therapy appointments. At Home Care Assistance of Barrie, ON, our stroke recovery specialists provide personalized, compassionate care delivered right in the comfort of home.

Barrie Stroke Care
Stroke Care Barrie


No two stroke survivors travel the same path toward recovery. Success and setbacks are very individual, which means the most successful stroke recovery care plans consider the unique nature of strokes as well as the personal needs and goals of the individual. Home Care Assistance Barrie works with seniors, families, and medical professionals to create the most effective care plans to assist in recovery. Stroke care plans are empowering and flexible, and our caregivers encourage seniors to regain independence as they are able, but also avoid doing too much, too soon. As progress or setbacks are noted, the care plan can be reviewed and evaluated to meet your loved one’s changing needs. Some of the benefits of our stroke care plans include:

  • Helping seniors avoid falls and injuries by assisting with personal care and meal preparation
  • Encouraging progress by helping seniors safely complete prescribed physical therapy exercises
  • Providing important reminders for medications and transportation to medical appointments
  • Helping housebound seniors avoid feeling lonely and depressed by offering companionship throughout stroke recovery
  • Providing family caregivers with essential respite time away from the stroke survivor so they can rest, rejuvenate, and focus on their own needs
  • Helping seniors avoid hospital readmissions by watching for signs of setbacks and getting them help quickly should any occur


Going home to rehabilitate following a stroke empowers seniors to recover sooner and regain their highest level of independence. This task is made easier with the right level of support, and Home Care Assistance in Barrie is here to provide the help your loved one needs. If your loved one is ready for hospital discharge following a stroke, call us at Phone: 647-970-3803 to discuss his or her needs and schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our qualified Care Managers.

Stroke Care Barrie, ON