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After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, most seniors and their families need help. Finding the right support is sometimes stressful and confusing. Families often face challenges when interviewing caregivers, understanding how and if they are qualified to meet their loved one’s needs, and wondering if they can trust a stranger in such a vulnerable situation. Fortunately, families do not have to go it alone. Home Care Assistance of Barrie, ON, is here to help. We offer comprehensive and personalized support for seniors with Alzheimer’s delivered by experienced, vetted caregivers. Our flexible services range from hourly care to around-the-clock supervision. With our support, seniors with Alzheimer’s retain a higher level of independence and families regain hope as they more confidently move toward the future ahead.

Alzheimer’s Care Barrie
Barrie Alzheimer’s Care


Even in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s, many seniors need assistance or supervision. For most seniors, care needs increase as the disease progresses. Providing the right level of assistance is important, but this is often not possible unless the senior trusts the caregiver. Home Care Assistance Barrie believes in the value of building relationships between caregivers and care recipients. Our complimentary matching service pairs seniors with their caregivers based on personality traits, interests, and experience. This empowers seniors to feel comfortable with their caregivers before cognition deteriorates, and it often helps our clients avoid the suspicion, mistrust, anxiety, and stress that sometimes present as Alzheimer’s advances.


Caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s involves more than just meeting basic needs. Seniors benefit when cognition is retained for as long as possible because it helps them retain a higher level of independence, a sense of worth, and the ability to safely remain at home. Barrie Home Care Assistance’s memory care services support emotional and mental health, which is why all of our Alzheimer’s caregivers receive ongoing training in programs such as our Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM). This method utilizes fun and engaging activities that stimulate brain functioning and boost mental acuity. Implementing CTM into our memory care plans offers many benefits, including:

  • Sparking conversation, which helps caregivers and care recipients build relationships
  • Reducing depression, anxiety, and wandering tendencies
  • Stabilizing communication skills
  • Empowering seniors to reach their goals and continue aging in place

At Home Care Assistance in Barrie, it is our goal to provide high-quality home care to seniors with Alzheimer’s. If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you can call us for help anytime at 647-970-3803. We are always available to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation and discuss plans for your loved one’s future.

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