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Advanced aging and certain medical conditions sometimes necessitate a higher level of care. Seniors in these situations often cannot be left alone, which causes concerns for long-distance family caregivers or adult children with families and careers of their own. Meeting these needs is easier with professional support, and live-in care often offers the solutions seniors and their families need. At Home Care Assistance of Barrie, ON, our premier live-in care offers a premium level of support at home and in the community. Comprehensive live-in care plans are designed to meet a variety of needs, and they keep seniors safe and comfortable at home even when they need extensive or varying assistance with activities of daily living. Around-the-clock companionship and supervision are naturally implemented into live-in care plans so seniors never feel alone and families remain confident knowing their loved ones are always fully supported.

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Live-in care offers seniors flexibility. Help is always there whether a client decides to bathe in the morning or evening, eat dinner early or late, wake at dawn, or take a walk at noon. Customized live-in care plans are developed around the client’s scheduling preferences and normal routines, and they are easy to modify as the client chooses. While support and assistance are available at all times, caregivers are not disruptive. Clients remain free to enjoy time alone, spend time with family, or visit with friends as they choose.


Providing the most beneficial care is about more than meeting basic care needs. It’s important to take a holistic approach to aging and addresses emotional and physical health, nutrition, cognition, and other factors. Home Care Assistance Barrie understands the value of supporting seniors in their quest to live healthy and happy lives. Our professional live-in caregivers are provided with important tools to change the way the world ages, including ongoing training in our proprietary care methods. The Balanced Care Method is based on the lessons of centenarians and promotes longevity and a higher quality of life. It focuses on diet, healthy activity, socialization, and maintaining purpose and a calm state of mind. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method utilizes innovative scientific research and engaging games to promote mental acuity and healthy brain functioning. Both are implemented into our live-in care plans at no additional cost to enhance the home care experience.

If your aging loved one needs a higher level of care, trust Barrie Home Care Assistance to help. Our live-in care programs offer effective solutions. To learn more about our live-in care, as well as our respite care and specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and stroke care, call Phone: 647-970-3803 today.

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