Doris Kasold

Domenic Maccarone
President & Owner

Domenic is a dedicated, trusted and caring individual who’s passionate about his business, helping people and not afraid to challenge the status quo. He has Integrity and believes in doing the right thing. Domenic experienced the challenges his father had when diagnosed with Cancer while being the Care Giver for Domenic’s mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia. He understands the pressures and stress on the family during these difficult times.

Domenic has worked in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Fields for over 30 years working with Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Pharmacies, Family and General Practitioners, Nursing and Specialists in Psychiatry, Geriatrics and Neurology. He has held positions in Sales, Marketing, Management and Leadership roles. He understands and appreciates the value of the customer he learned during his time in managing Customer Service and Customer Support.

Domenic lives in Barrie with his wonderful wife Deborah. Together they have 5 kids, 3 grandchildren and two more on the way. He is dedicated to helping “Change the Way the World Ages” by providing older adults with quality care, enabling them to live happier, healthier lives at home.

Michelle Lowack

Deborah Vollett
Director of Care/Owner

Deborah understands the meaning of care. From an early age, she became responsible for the care of her younger siblings, to babysitting the many children in her community, to her first real job as an aid in a Long-Term Care Nursing Home, the care of her own children, parents and grandmother. It was only natural that Deborah’s career path led her to Nursing for over 20 years, caring for newborns to chronic and palliative care patients.

Loving the Health Care Industry, Deborah returned to school for her Pharmacy Technician Diploma and enjoyed Hospital Pharmacy to Retirement/Nursing Home Pharmacy Audits.

Through the years of raising her family in a busy community where volunteering is a staple, to friendships, hard work, giving back and caring for others, Deborah was an active member of the Kinsmen/Kinette Clubs for many years. The integrity and strength she absorbed while providing a valuable service to others remains with her for life.

Deborah used these qualities while caring for her Grandmother, travelling 2 hours there to attend to her needs. She was there for her parents during their last breath and provided love, comfort and support to the families.

Deborah’s happy, loving and positive attitude brings smiles and laughter to those around her. She always has time for people. She loves life, having fun and going the extra mile.

After the last few years as a long-distance Grandmother, moving to Barrie allows Deborah to spend quality time closer to her family, while she pursues her passion for Care with her husband, Domenic in “Changing the Way the World Ages” at Home Care Assistance.

Michelle Lowack

Tammy Forsyth
Business Development Manager

Tammy is driven by her passion for seniors and individuals with intellectual disabilities. Her substantial knowledge and experience is complemented by her stellar reputation within the healthcare sector which compliments our team - Home Care assistance Barrie Simcoe.

Tammy brings over 25 years of knowledgeable experience from many healthcare platforms to Home Care Assistance Barrie Simcoe.

She is an established Business Development Professional. She has held several progressive positions in Nursing , Retirement and Group Homes. Tammy has a good understanding of the needs of our clients and those of our partners. She learned this while working as a direct PSW and in Management positions she held, such as Program Manager where she was responsible for developing and implementing Senior’s Programs.

Tammy’s time spent working as a Sales & Marketing Professional within a Retirement Community gives us the understanding and ability to deliver solutions and address the needs of our current and future Staffing Solutions partners.

Tammy is a compassionate, caring and hard working member of our team. She understands the value of our clients and staff. She is a committed, trustworthy, reliable and valuable member of our team.

Doris Kasold

Jackalynn Robertson
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jackalynn is passionate about people and making great connections. As a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Home Care Assistance Barrie/Simcoe, she brings over ten years of client centered care and customer care experience. As well, she has direct field experience working with developmentally delayed individuals and seniors in our community. With all her experience combined she has deep knowledge and understanding of a caregiver and what it takes to succeed as a support professional.

“She is excited to have the opportunity to hand pick our amazing caregivers and place them with our exceptional clientele. With a personal understanding of the importances of great care, she embodies our Balanced Care Method and we can count on her to find the best fit for each individual client. Our current caregivers know that she is someone they can turn to for help, guidance and training to expand their knowledge to better serve their clients.”

It is my belief that for our clients to receive the best care available, we need to have the best staff in place with a strong support system of management and continual education available. And it is my firm belief that Home Care Assistants is that support system.

Jackalynn cultivates an open and friendly environment that not only helps our caregivers thrive but our team as a whole. Her can-do attitude and quick humor make every challenge an adventure and she never shies away from hard work. Her perseverance, positive outlook along with her background make her an invaluable asset to the Home Care Assistance team.

Michelle Lowack

Denise Davis
Staffing Manager

Denise is a hardworking individual with diverse experience in healthcare. As our Staffing Manager, she is motivated by learning people's stories and compassionate about their well-being. Denise's well-rounded experience in Retirement, Community, and Homecare Administration make her the perfect addition to Home Care Assistance.

In her role, she is focused on ensuring our caregivers continue to succeed in the community. She brings over a decade of experience working with individuals with cognitive impairments, developmental delays, and physical disabilities. It is through this experience, she has gained a great understanding of the needs in the community for quality care and the developed staff needed to ensure that this is carried through all aspects of living.

She brings her well-rounded experience to the team, sharing ideas for growth. Denise is responsible for developing our caregivers for continued success in the community by ensuring they feel valued, receiving the most up-to-date training for this growing industry. With her background and experience, she is an invaluable asset to our team!

Michelle Lowack

Lynn Smith, RN
Client Care Manager

As Client Care Manager, Lynn is the key point of contact for clients and staff. Part of her role is to speak with prospective clients during the intake process, conduct assessments during Client Care Consultations, and set up individualized care plans to meet the needs of the client.

Lynn collaborates with our Talent Acquisition Specialist and Scheduling Manager in the Caregiver matching process to ensure we not only meet our client's needs but also provide an optimal connection and bond that leads to client satisfaction.

Ongoing communication with clients through home visits and follow-up phone calls allows Lynn the opportunity to address any questions or concerns identified and then adjust the care plan accordingly.

Her Clinical Expertise and Operational Skills enhance her effectiveness when working with our clients and staff. With 29 years of nursing experience in Acute, Palliative and Community Care Lynn is a valuable asset and resource to Home Care Assistance, providing support, education, and encouraging professional growth for our Team.

Michelle Lowack

Kristine Buyarski
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Kristine is responsible for the hiring and selection of quality caregivers, psws, and registered nurses at home care assistance for our valued clients.

She does her due diligence to screen, interview, and select top-tier healthcare professionals.

Having worked in the industry as a PSW in community and long-term care settings, Kristine has gained valuable knowledge, experience, and an understanding of what it takes to be a top caregiver. Her goal is to find that top talent.

As a wife and mother of 2 young children, Kristine understands the work/life balance of caregivers. She works closely with our scheduling and client care managers to match our staff with the right clients. Her passion, desire, and willingness to help and support others have made her a welcomed addition to the home care assistance team.

Doris Naranjo

Doris Naranjo
Human Resources Manager

Doris Naranjo is a certified human resources management graduate. She has over 17 years’ experience working in the healthcare industry in various roles in human resources within the home care industry.

Doris Naranjo leads our human resources at home care assistance. She is dedicated and resourceful for all our healthcare workers. Her objective is to ensure our staff are knowledgeable, well trained, treated fairly, maintaining a safe workplace so clients live happier, healthier lives at home.

Her passion, commitment, and willingness to help people, makes her a great addition to the home care assistance team.